Saturo Aoyama

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My works are mainly portraits, landscapes, and still lives that examine both the contemporary issue of our lives and the question of technology and fiber. Firstly I take a photo, then trace it onto organza, and then finally machine embroider this. The process is very time consuming and intimate so the initial instant of documentation is transformed into a deeper understanding of the subject matter. I have been interested in recognizing and deconstructing the details that we normally pass over in the speed of our contemporary lives. Machine embroidery demands that every shade and color be formed from individual colors of thread. Sewing allows for a pixelated type of image, (similar to that of a computer), Every single detail must be accounted for by a thread. In this sense it differ from painting where pigment can be mixed and pushed around on a canvas.

I am interested in the idea of transforming value in our everyday lives through this labor-intensive process in order that we can become more aware of the unregistered details of our both personal and social identity.

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