Sarah Williams

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My work explores the advantages and complications of the restless object. Through a practice of deconstruction, migration, and re-orchestration, I allow my work to cannibalize and re-birth itself, both healing and destroying simultaneously. Pulling inspiration from theater and a repertoire of invented characters these “inconveniently portable bodies” inhabit a space between animal, landscape, and architecture, raising questions infinite iterations, insufficient collections, and the comfort in facades.

My current series of work draws from dramatic structure—specifically opera. Using the stage as a metaphor to explore questions of public vs. private, interior vs. exterior, autonomy vs. congruity; I am interested in tracking the movement of the individual elements, which make up my sculptures throughout their perpetual cycle of decay and re-birth. I record the tempo of this progression through set lists or notational scores, making amendments as I go, exploring the differences between additions, appendages, and supplements. I am interested in choreographing these sculptures as vignettes, carefully sequenced but always in transition.