Faf Adamites

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Using feltmaking and other traditional craft processes, I create sculptural and installation work that serve as meditations on trauma, memory and the legacy of emotional turmoil inherited from past generations. The theory that anxieties and traumas are embedded in a person’s DNA and are then passed down to the next generation is a major motivation in my artwork. Using repetitious processes such as feltmaking allows me to physically engage with and meditate on the concepts I am working with. Material exploration is the starting point for all of my work and plays a key role in building the conceptual backing of each piece. There is a Sisyphean element to both the physical labor and the conceptual ideas. Retracing the path of ancestors, repeating personal patterns, physically tracing the words from a written text – acknowledging both my place as a maker within this context and the irresolvable nature of the concepts themselves.

Personal Website: www.fafniradamites.com