Roxana Martinez

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Framing a practice around sculpture, fiber, Catholicism, and architecture, I use gravity to give shape to abstract forms. I juxtapose an architectural eye of seeing space and body activation, with an artist's view on intuitive hand making. I create upside-down, harnessing the earths gravitational pull to create the work and thereafter inverting it to sustain its perfect form. Using engrudo* and vibrant hand-dyed gauze, I connect the work to my Mexican heritage, where spiritual consciousness is an important part of daily life. Where alma**, invisible and therefore similar to gravity, is an integral part of our bodily existence.

*Engrudo- a viscous cornstarch paste often used in Mexico for paper mache.

**Alma- Soul. In Catholicism, a soul is integral to the body, and the body is integral to the soul.

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