Nikkole Huss

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Nikkole Huss’ drawings, photographs and installations investigate the impermanent nature of light and space over time. Her installations are site-specific, ephemeral and composed of intricate networks of fragile materials such as monofilament or thread, pinned a short distance away from the wall. In all cases, an immense amount of physical space is covered with thin and transparent materials in an effort to slow down the viewer’s intake of information. Not only is the viewer enveloped in the space, but the amount of time necessary to uncover the identity of the media in addition to subtle shadows is delayed. The viewer’s unique perception of light and pathway of physical movement is connected to his/her heightened awareness of architecture.

Huss’ drawings and photographs are inspired by the illusionistic qualities inherent in her installations. Linear studies relay the often overlooked examination of our shifting structural environment defined by the transitory qualities of light striking a wall at a certain time of day.

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