Carole Frances Lung

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Meet Frau Fiber, former textile worker and activist, who freely distributes her knowledge of apparel production to the masses. She fancies herself to be a competitor with China in the global production of apparel, with the hopes of transforming the value of labor of apparel workers around the globe. Thus far, she began the SEWING REBELLION, a FREE Workshop with national chapters in Chicago, IL, Brooklyn, NY, Los Angeles, CA, and Lancaster PA. She recruits participants to emancipate themselves from the global garment industry by learning how to alter, mend and make their own garments! Supporting her search for alternative apparel production, which is free of sweatshop labor, Frau Fiber and her SYNCHRONIZED SEWING SQUAD, complement the SEWING REBELLION by performing the labor of apparel production in public space. These performances of labor make apparel labor visible, once again putting a set of hands to the garments we wear. Frau Fiber is also the CEO of KO (Knock Off) ENTERPRISES, a multinational corporation, which repurposes apparel originally produced off shore, under poor labor conditions, with local sourced textiles and her own labor. All of her efforts have proven futile, however she perseveres.

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