Amy Mayfield

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My paintings are created in a highly intuitive manner with an obscure darkness lurking just beneath the surface. These surreal worlds permeate bearded membranes, fluffy mythical creatures, poisonous blossoms, and unnerved puppies.

The subliminal landscapes are created with radiantly rich, colorful pours of paint that look as though they might drip off the canvas. The decadent and detailed imagery springs from a personal consciousness that effuses rhythm, flowering complexities and decorative disturbances. Attempting to articulate private thought I play with the semiotics of painterly language itself: thick marbleized paint drizzles, radiant hues that contain thin decorative black line work, that smells a sweet fragility.

The freedom of poured paint is juxtaposed with the intricately drawn thin black line similar to ornamental filigree. These expansive fields are filled with patchwork blankets, jagged pokey pins, and poured gem-like charms, all emerging from a quirkily skewed terrain.

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