Chris Lin

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Dusty (You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me) :: Listen to audio

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Referencing personal narrative, I use themes of healing and catharsis in my studio practice. My work often begins as an objective examination of things that are absent from my life and followed by the mass production of surrogates for them, which helps to distract myself from the hardships of the day-to-day, including guilt, heartache, loneliness, and/or ear infections. This process induces moments of temporary happiness, which, in time, snowballs into a permanent fix.

I dig into my immediate past for much of the inspiration and source materials. Mementoes, films, narrative music, and aspects of my personal history that make me happy are sampled prominently or adopted as the style of my work. By referencing the familiar and exalting the ordinary, I facilitate an intimate and empathetic experience.