Valerie Constantino

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My work develops across terrains of recovered and invented material fragments, still and moving images, audio compilations, and digital manipulations. I am especially interested in the mutuality of these hybrid forms in relation to philosophies of impermanence, and personal life stories.

The histories of ephemeral and mutable forms - domestic practices and objects, ancestral vestiges and traditions, and contemporary, non-fixed processes including collage, assemblage, installation and performance art - are fundamental. Appreciative of the talismanic meanings of materials and events, these forms transmute lived schema into an iconographic palette. In this context, the textile metaphor articulates both the visceral properties of matter as well as its fugitive poetics.

My formal writings trace these explorations, while recent performance texts admit more intimate details, linking the irrationalities of life lived. Performance extends the investigation of materiality to include the substantive self. And I imagine that these performative retellings, arranged together with episodic and material media, provide a kind of matrix for the indeterminacy of being.

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