Bobbi Meier

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It is my intention to entice the viewer into an invented world that is suggestive and provocative. Ambiguity, mystery and subversion are recurring themes that engage emotions of discomfort and seduction. Linked to surrealism and feminism, I am indebted to artists, Kiki Smith, Cindy Sherman, and Jeanne Dunning for their intense scrutiny of female body and identity.

Integrating disciplines of photography and sculpture, I manipulate materials and point of view. Using the camera, as a framing device I search for intimate places within my sculptural objects, producing photographic compositions, referencing the human body and invented pathologies. My sculptures have become repositories for personal struggle, as I manipulate them into shapes and forms through tying, binding, stitching, stabbing, covering and uncovering.

Through the camera, I control areas of focus within my objects, offering images that are ambiguous and open to interpretation. I approximate painting, as I search for compositions with my macro lens. Photographic and sculptural processes are intertwined to the point where one cannot exist without the other.

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