Graduate Alumni > Shannon Schmidt (MFA 2009)

what's done, cannot be undone.
what's done, cannot be undone.
Pre-existing linoleum floor, pre-existing wall, latex paint, and masonite
5.0' w. x 5.0' h. x 1.0" d.

what's done, cannot be undone. (spill) is an installation that accompanies : what's done, cannot be undone. (page) The duet was created for an exhibition called Variations [in Dialogue], in which I wished to speak about a connection between physical and historical space. In (spill) the text becomes embedded in the latex paint that has shifted from the wall to the floor: highlighting the text. In the Shakespeare play, Macbeth, Lady Macbeth is obsessed with removing the spot from her hand. In this piece, I am shifting the context of the spot, spill or residue, to make the piece similar to the way Shakespeare uses the stain as a metaphor. It defines the play, the art, the act of creation and destruction.