Graduate Alumni > Shannon Schmidt (MFA 2009)

mère of the night
mère of the night
milk, sycamore branches, guitar strings, P.A. system, and a pencil
approximately 20' x 25' x 10'

mère of the night is a performance that remained as a trace or document in the gallery after the opening evening. During the performance, 3 performers or 3 fates completed different tasks. Performer 1 proceeded to puncture a series of milk cartons on her knees with a pencil; Performer 2 proceeded to move the spilling milk cartons around the gallery with a sycamore branch and to attempt to place them in the other branches along the walls; Performer 3 continuously played an instrument created from guitar strings and branches. Once Performers 1 and 2 finished their tasks, they joined Performer 3 in plucking instruments. The performance ended when the performers decided to stop.