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Osee Obaonrin (Spring 2017)
Osee Obaonrin (Spring 2017)
"who taught you how to hate yourself"
velvet, acrylic screen printing ink

i focus primarily on documentation. documenting self. the feelings of grief and acts of mourning as a means of reflection and also as a means of actually performing the processes of grief and mourning. i believe that every time a constant is removed from my life whether it be a person, a relationship, a friendship, a sense of self, or even a favorite tv show, there is a need to address and mourn the loss of that constant.

i attempt to reconcile with the losses that have opened me to grief, the pain that has come along with it and perhaps find hope as a means of resistance. while much of my art and writing works as my personal reconciliation of my thoughts and emotions heavily influenced by my outside relationships with others, it is deeply imbedded in truth. i find that the more honest i can be within my work, the more relatable that work becomes to others.

currently, i have found a comfort in the process of screen printing that i want to continue exploring. i enjoy the physicality of printing along with the inherent relationship that i have to establish with the screen in order to use it at its maximum capacity; while thinking of my work with the screen as a relationship that aides in the production of the rest of my works. works which are more often than not analyzing my other relationships and connections.