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Naomi Powers (Spring and Fall 2017)
Naomi Powers (Spring and Fall 2017)
"Screen Two"
Handwoven cotton thread

My practice engages the relationship between cloth, information, and time. I investigate the ephemerality of fabric against the geologic time scale and the compression of time and labor through the investigation of woven structures. By translating, reiterating, collecting, and archiving, I am interrogating the meaning of textile objects and their relationship to time, memory and the bodies they have interacted with. I allow myself to follow my preservationist impulses, creating new forms using old materials and techniques. Crystallized, impressed, and cast cloth pieces create artifacts of my own practice that examine loss and absence. The resulting objects imitate the forms of cloth, replicating and revealing their structures while emphasizing their haptic qualities under circumstances where the objects cannot be physically touched. In doing so, I am creating an archaeology of the future, theorizing a world where these fossils are the only things that remain to describe the original textiles, the labor of their creation, and my body/the bodies who enacted this labor. The smallest twist of a human hand against cotton can be remembered forever between layers of shale. Information becomes shifted and lost through translation and repetition. Soft, pliable forms enter into space so vast that it overwhelms us, provoking an existential anxiety that we can only dwell upon for so long before falling back into the minute abstractions of pattern and structure.