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Renee Hrovat (Fall 2016 and Spring 2017)
Renee Hrovat (Fall 2016 and Spring 2017)
"3:02 am" and "2:34 am"
jacquard weavings. 22 x 41 each

Obsession is important to my practice – as is evident in the sheer amount of repetition and excessiveness present in each piece I create. Using embroidery and weaving, I focus on the insecurities and definitions of self, specifically my own, that come about within today’s saturated Internet culture. By utilizing these labor-intensive, meticulous processes to translate both fleeting and persistent thoughts into woven and embroidered objects, a certain amount of obsession is highlighted.

Why spend hours weaving text that originally should have survived ten seconds in your mind? This not only raises discussion surrounding my choice of process, but also the value we assign to these objects, thoughts, and moments. In some instances, a humorous absurdity comes along with immortalizing phrases such as “where are the girl scout cookies?” while other excerpts, for example “you say I deserve better, but that’s bullshit, I don’t deserve anything,” carry more emotional weight. Whether the concern is excessive consumption or romantic failure, my practice always lives within a realm of anxiety and vulnerability. Each work takes its root within my own life, essentially functioning as diary entries. This offers an intimate glimpse into personal obsessions and anxieties, inviting viewers to connect my experiences with their own.