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Sumin Kim (Spring 2017)
Sumin Kim (Spring 2017)
"Un Motif"
Rope yarn and cotton yarn

Unconsciously following the movement of my hands, I draw the lines that fill and connect liminal spaces. The abstract forms eventually become a collection of motifs. I consistently yearn for images as I search through memories.

Using the digitally generated images and patterns, I weave large-scale textiles. An important part of making comes from a sculpture and fiber background, handling objects and sensing the textures of the materials before they are woven and sculpted. My works explore the gap between condensation and deconstruction. Researching is also a significant part of my making. My current interest in research is heavily weighing on finding the connecting points for minimalism and expressionism. During the process of researching, I have found my own concept of making an object that rejects the functionality yet hinting the use.

As an artist, I seek to stretch my studies further into human relations. My art will slowly be transforming from studio-based practice to site-specific visual art.