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Amanda Assaley (Fall 2017)
Amanda Assaley (Fall 2017)
"The line is never in the same place"
latex, plaster, rubber coating, video projection, curtain rod

Through video and sculpture, I explore how to escape the objects I desire and the frameworks that make me love them. I use materials that rely on their sensual surfaces rather than to their substances to engage a conversation about marketing and commodity fetishism: such as latex, plastic, gold lamé, and flock. I consider how American consumer desires are learned and socialized and not intrinsic to us. Yet, the feeling of an object seducing me has become it’s own legitimate emotion. Walking into a high-end department store to rub my face on the gilded velvet or pet the long pile mohair rug is part of the making process for me.

With my inclination to be critical of these learned aspirations, how can I negotiate my own material desires? The longing for these objects goes so far to transition into a longing for material embodiment when objecthood slips to include people. There are times when I no longer want the thing but rather I want to be the thing, or the glam rock star/commodified person who embodies the same luxury of that thing. And while I want this, I want to escape my wanting of it. I aim to make work that explains my criticisms of capitalism’s concept that owning equates to being and its endless commodification which continues to commodity the individual.