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Kristine Dalbey (Spring and Fall 2017)
Kristine Dalbey (Spring and Fall 2017)
I found it on Diamond St.
Crochet installation

I was born under an orange palm tree in California to a Mexican-American Family. My practice focuses within and throughout fibers, material studies, and found objects. In my everyday practice I project humanistic qualities onto objects both personal and durational exploring relationship, connection, and persona. These objects are both a way of release and consumption. My life is an accumulation of the things I collect and my reflections of them. I have found a way to insert myself into memories I’ve felt left out of, or ones I’ve never been able to experience. The pieces I generate have to deal with my current emotions, giving each piece its own timestamp from my existence.

My work primarily deals with materiality and deals with my preconceived notion towards a specific entity or situation. Lately my work is representative of a form of skin, frequently an extension of mine. It is important for my work to be tactile in order to have a dialogue with the viewer. Through my way of creating I am using the medium of fiber to project my identity and my narratives.

Green and orange are the colors of the grandfather I would never meet. A self contained underwater breathing apparatus, a way in which you do as I say and not as I do. One day your father will take back something he gave you. Brown as filling and white as absence.