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Elida Paiz Pineda (Fall 2017)
Elida Paiz Pineda (Fall 2017)

Healing Protest

I Recognize
The Responsibility I Have
To Be A Custodian
Of What I Have Born Witness To
And What Learning From It
In The Form Of Responsible
Thought And Action
To Live A Present
And Simultaneously
Create A Future
Where Suffering Finds An End
And Freedom
And Joy
Is Realized For All
In Ways Neither Expected Or
Unexpected That Make Those
Wisdoms Real And Tangible

I Choose To Use My Ability
To Re-Imagine And Re-Construct
Personal And Collective

Transform Experiences
Of Endured Pain and

Into Stories And Memories Of
Everlasting Resilience
Everlasting Strength
And Everlasting Empowerment

Creating and Sustaining
Reciprocal Relationships Of Care,
Compassion And Powerful
Emancipating Love For Others
In All That Is Made
All That Is Done
All That Is Lived For
All That Is Nobly Offered
And All That Nobly Given Away And Let Go

This Practice
OF Constant Growth and Inquiry
Into Empathy And Lived Compassion
Into Focused Perservering
And The Discipline of Self-Giving
Into The Strength Of Humility
And the Power Of It’s Grace and It’s Gentleness

Is Grounded And Made Physical

In The Heart
And Breathing Body
In The Reality
That Is Then Made
The Enduring And Beautiful Today

Are What We Know And Feel
As Always
What Can
And Should
And Must
Be Experienced
By Everyone
And Collectively taken
responsibility For


Through Performances And
Ephemeral Happenings

Written And Unwritten Words

Through Making And Unmaking
Moments And Circumstances

Of Learning And Unlearning

From Our Living Experiences

Open Lines Of
Communication Between
Physical And Metaphysical Worlds
Modes Of Remembered and Re-Remembered
Intuitive Perceptions And Intelligences
Are Tapped Into And Expanded

And Our Stories Become
The Simultaneous Vehicles And

Of An Eternal Integrity
An Eternal Connection
An Eternal Committment
An Eternal Bond
To One Another

With What They Bear To Tell
And What They Hope To Inspire
With What They Wish To See Happen
For The Better

In Those Exchanges of Shared Vision
Unity is Possible
Of Realizations
Of Actualizations
Of A Here And Now
That Heart Of Our Hearts Can
Recognize As Wise And True For The Greatest And Highest Good, The Welfare and Well Being Of All That Lives Because It Exists To Sing Its Song Of Courageous Thriving