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Brianna McIntyre (Fall 2016)
Brianna McIntyre (Fall 2016)
fabric, medical gauze, paint, leather

My practice mainly explores identity by engaging the social and political aspects of clothing and other external attachments that are made for or reference the body. I conceptualize a garment as a form of controlling one’s physical extension of self, in either body or mind. By recognizing “fashion as a social stratification” of society, I interrogate my own identity within the context of a social language that already exists. I attempt to use this pre-existing language in order to communicate stories of identity, self-awareness, philosophy, political stances, and internal conflicts within oneself.

Much of my fibers and furniture work exhibit characteristics of duality, contradiction, and precariousness to demonstrate my own belief and disbelief in controlling one’s environment. This precariousness is tied to my personal realizations and understanding of the illusion of human control in an unpredictable world. My works embraces that instability as a way of acceptance but still interrogates the societal line of what is within our control.