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Yae Jee Min (Fall 2016)
Yae Jee Min (Fall 2016)
"Mulling, Longing, Phosphenes"
hand dyed silk, sequins, thread, embroidery floss, and fusible films

The culmination of my immigrant backstory with an American childhood enters the play. Though diaspora of my Korean heritage drips in my work. With this idea, I developed an object making tradition. Objects that functions as conceptual multitudes of carriers and vessels. I wanted to bring about a potential enclosed space that is reminiscent of moment. This moment becomes a physical receptacle, although it is highly likely this moment is completely an imagined fabrication. Yet this moment brings comfort through its longing and remembrance. Through it myriad of colors there can be at least one link to grasp and connect to. Piecing items, rebuilding, a construction, maybe this certain encapsulation brings a slight reprieve away from the world for a collected time with the self. Work that I pursue investigates and reflect these ideas of juxtaposition in regards to a falsity of a safe haven. I try to create something that is enchanting, disguising the fatality. This endless longing will not be satisfied. It is even clear that there is no solution. But like a child, I cling blindly.