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Ryan Richter (Fall 2016)
Ryan Richter (Fall 2016)
"Foundations - Side A"
Screen-Prints Fabric, Pvc, Found Cabinet with screen-printed mirror, Dental molds, Dental floss, Risograph printed paper, Mirrored Mylar

Entering a time of new queer visibilities, my work is a social commentary on the current state of queer culture coupled with evaluations of the past. Using humor and absurdity I locate specific aspects of queer culture’s past that were lost with these new visibilities, and critiquing a watered-down culture that has planted itself in the mainstream. Through my work I examine what could be oppositional to this dilution of culture through a largely commodified gay rights movement, and the loss of a subversive past for the sake of assimilation.

I use printing techniques on paper and cloth. Text within the work is often created using puns of existing phrases to play around with the instability of language. For example: “It takes studs to build a house” becomes “It takes studs to dismantle a house.” Visually the pun is continued as rhinestone studs take the place of wood studs. Most of the objects I create are then performed with, ideally in a public sphere. It is through this performance, that the work is then activated. The body and phallic imagery are a constant in my visual language. The works have a reference to real world objects and materials, allowing for subversion of the original intent. Through humor in text and absurdity in imagery, I hope to create conversation questioning culture and belief systems that permeate everyday life and desires for normalcy.