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Quinn Bokor (Spring 2016)
Quinn Bokor (Spring 2016)
Jacquard weaving

Our hands are one of the most direct ways of connecting us to the world around us. They are representative of a sense that is used to answer our questions. I enjoy using materiality as a tool to create a bond and inspire the desire to investigate. Through the use of tactile materials, such as borax crystals and sandpaper I intend on tempting the viewer to investigate while simultaneously creating a mysterious distance. I am interested in preserving objects and actions that are representative of age in relation to time and making them relevant to the present day.
Recently I have become intrigued by a natural representation of time, a crack. This form is the result of an action, a moment that produces a permanent fracture in something that was meant to be whole. A crack is a recognition of time in a fast passed world, a subtle yet significant testament to imperfection. This flaw can be seen as a physical representation of a memory; it is the evidence that something has happened. Through my work, I intend to create moments that inspire a recognition of time and hope to encourage others to slow down.