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Yubing Tan (Spring 2016)
Yubing Tan (Spring 2016)
"Freud In The Jungle"
Appliqued fabric

I portray the multiplicity of my personality and narrate imagined stories. Through this artistic practice, I display my own parallel reality. Prior to attending art school, I studied psychology. The experience as an outsider artist enabled me to reflect and narrate from different angles and keep my pure enthusiasm to make art.

Fiber and textiles are a part of my life story, these materials represent my connection to my grandmother, a domestic textile artist. I am participating in a lineage with her through my explorations in art. I also believe the labor intensive needle work within my craft provides an experience of flow, which serves as a meditation and therapy.

My objective as an artist is to accomplish the role of a story teller, to narrate the zany thoughts and stories inside me. In Freud in the jungle, I portray Sigmund Freud riding a train in a jungle with genitals-like plants. Through this imagery, I express my mixed love-hate feeling for him.