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Connor Crable (Spring 2015)
Connor Crable (Spring 2015)
"Coriolanus, Hamlet, Othello, (Matthew)"
Allergens and bell jars

First let’s set up a dichotomy: mind vs body, or phrased another way: cognition vs experience. Most simply, my work is a negotiation of these two modes of processing the world. Sometimes they come into harmony. Sometimes with sharp disaccord. I write essays, but the form of the essay rebels against its content. My experience of the world is often one of hazard. My allergies have become a way for me to have a dramatic relationship with the materiality of my work. I make sculptures like concrete poems where the form has become active. The two poles around which I am rotating, cognition and experience, develop a relationship that becomes too intertwined to maintain their status as opposites: my work is a phenomenological expression of information and my work is a theory on experience.