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Katie Rapheal (Spring 2015)
Katie Rapheal (Spring 2015)
"Coming Home"
Cross Stitched image from S2E10 of Desperate Housewives

My work, primarily, through the process of cross-stitching, re-contextualizes the consumption of screen-based mass media as a form of personal exploration. As a person who heavily consumes television shows, media-generated narratives and celebrity culture, I constantly carry their images, stories and mythologies as a personal archive. I make my work as a way to meditate on how these artifacts acquire a new presence when they are taken out of their original context (websites, Netflix etc), and through painstakingly long processes, such as cross-stitching. I deliberately create new contexts for these images as a way of putting them back out into the physical world. Time and life-span are such important factors in any kind of media, and I am interested in seeing how the content can change once the intended life span is skewed.

I see myself as not only a maker, but as a spectator of media attempting to immortalize the content I am working with.