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Sarah Koziol (Spring 2014 and Fall 2015)
Sarah Koziol (Spring 2014 and Fall 2015)

Working in a multidisciplinary mode, my work spans several media, with allegiances to painting, the craft of weaving, bookmaking and collage. My practice is spurred by invented, personal and found narratives. Frequently looking to iconic American literature, Slavic myth, vernacular fairy tales and personal experience, I create installations and discreet objects that embody questions of dominance, passivity, trust and agency.

I make drawings, weavings, dyed and cut fabric silhouettes, collage and books. The tenuous relationship of art, craft and design, and the assumed hierarchy of painting to fabric, or books and literature to art, echo my investigations and skepticism of power.

My work assumes an aesthetic of looseness or wetness that negates the formality of patriarchal Art conventions. Wetness is analogous to femininity- materially, I deal with paint and water in a malleable, fugitive, borderless way. The material always seeks the lowest point, existing in a structure that has no structure. There is an intrinsic contradiction to the logic of my painting and the demands of weaving, and the work happens as a result of navigation between the two.