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Savannah Jubic (Fall 2015)
Savannah Jubic (Fall 2015)

My work takes the form of labor-intensive gesture spanning multiple mediums, focused in an effort to anxiously compensate for a distance or void. I attempt to make voids visible, giving a body to what does not physically exist. Materials such as used bed sheets and melted candles lend a lived intimacy, their past uses embedding emotion in object, performance, and installation.

“Fictive kinship” is a term used archaeologically to describe bonds formed outside of marriage or blood, often as a result of migration. Engaging with this concept, my work explores the ways one forms bonds outside of the family unit and compensates for negative space when separated from loved ones.

My investment in distance is one of community rather than isolation, and the act of witness serves as art form as much as my material based practice. Empathy is intrinsic to my work and guides my exploration of emotional intimacy in its many haptic forms.