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Carolina Poveda (Fall 2014)
Carolina Poveda (Fall 2014)

People seldom listen for falling trees.
But when those trees fall they create opportunities to foster new life.
They die and are reborn once again from their own decay.
I function in a very similar way.
My work demands time to be processed,
I have to let it fester, ferment in my mind.
I have to give it time to grow and decay.

Driven by anxiety and bad puns, I create many manifestations of self portraits through found objects, images and soft sculpture.

Exploring these media through a no wave feminist lens, I work with my experience as a afro-mestizx first generation american. Through a process of scavenging and collecting materials I work to create interactive pieces about identity, spirituality and gender. These often take the form of some kind of sculptural or photographic collage in a campy color schemes and kitschy trashiness.