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Cait Smith (Fall 2014)
Cait Smith (Fall 2014)

My artwork is an act of perseveration; an obsession over thoughts, actions, and personal histories reiterated into physical forms. Perseverate is an important word in my own understanding of my work, it is defined as repeating a thought after the stimulus that prompted it has ceased. Obsessing past the point of comfort.

My work is tedious and quick, soft and hard. Based heavily on process and form, it is a perseveration on time. Stream-of-consciousness drawings of round objects, layered with lines are reiterated into fabric piece-works. Hand-dyed, layered, and quilted together with alternating fabric textures of thick linen and translucent silk gauze.

These small, palm-sized quilts act as a visual language of the thoughts and ideas I am perseverating over. These quilts are then mounted in site-specific installations using steel nails and magnets. Their positions and titles alluding to the issues I am thinking about while making.

My work is a perseveration on time, labor, and form; resulting in formal abstractions that evoke connections to my personal history as well as the history of quilt-making. My work is an obsession past the point of comfort.