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Bryana Bibbs (Spring 2014)
Bryana Bibbs (Spring 2014)
Hand woven cotton and wool

My weavings are a translated result of cataloging my daily struggles, such as relationships, emotions, and the ultimate strive for comfort, trying to figure out life one day at a time. I enjoy making work that is “universal”, meaning that I can make something that is personal to me but then apply something to it that may have this affect on the viewer. The way that my work is starting to become more universal is through the use of color and the way that it is used. The way that I use color in my work is by applying an assigned or “symbolic” meaning to color for myself. I find that people have there own meaning of color based on their own person experiences with it and for me that is very rewarding because I enjoy when people use their own imagination with my work. I think the use of line is also very important. A line is something that is used to tell a story, to map things out, take things away, and create a timeline and I think when I combine the two together not only am I creating this story or bigger picture with the use of line but also with color as well.