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Lim Haejin (Spring 2014)
Lim Haejin (Spring 2014)

I illuminate the power of material property. Thus material property is my subject itself. The construction and the tactile quality inherent to specific materials, such as stationary objects, used clothes, and painting materials, are my visual work. By deconstructing, and unfolding, I find flat patterns and shapes that I then alter through drawing, collaging, and sewing.

An obscuring question arises regarding where the things all came from are pervaded in my installation. My installation is to reconstruct the space by modernist abstraction. Absence of originality of subject materials’ structural forms reinterprets my work’s spatial relationship to the deconstructing and flattening. Multiple lines, texture, layers, marks and another level of spatial elements are found in meditative and frequent process. Investigating the system to have an aggregate of tactile works and my hands’ reaction to materials motivates me to make serial structure out of found materials.

My hand-attached process is in assembly line. The movements of my hands are ephemeral, but build upon one another to create an abstracted visualization of serial forms as contemplation in everyday life. My procedure is raw, simple, minimal, loose, or natural, since each work is derived from what is at hand in the moment.