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Anthony Renda (Spring 2014)
Anthony Renda (Spring 2014)

Idle hands are my biggest fear; they lead to an idle mind. I make things from a dependency on production. In this way, I work through my ideas and formulate a voice and personal. Working with a range of materials, I create works that are a direct representation of my psychological states, taking the form of drawings, paintings, collage and sculpture. The materials I use exploit the narrative of my deviant past and fragile future and, in the act of exploiting my body and mind, I find confidence - confidence to perform the roll as an artist and become a spectacle.

What is my body and what is my mind? On what do they agree and disagree?

My body is a cage in which my mind resides.
My body is a trap in which my mind is ensnared.
My body is envious of my mind.
My mind is envious of my body.
My mind provokes my body, but not the reverse.
My mind is free while my body is a product of my will.
My mind is on the outside looking in.
My body is on the inside looking out.
My body is neither here nor there while my mind is always present.
I am not sure if my mind defines my body or the reverse.