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Selva Aparicio (Fall 2013)
Selva Aparicio (Fall 2013)
Mixed Media made with lettuce and wood

I am particularly inspired by the transitory nature of life. My art reflects the fragility of life and the hidden beauty that can be found in the infinite details of the natural world. I strive to draw attention to the overlooked remains of human consumption.
My work involves constant experimentation with different materials. I find new and exciting ways of connecting materials to my ideas and transforming them into new forms of reality. I treat my materials with respect and attentive care. Through several studies I explore their concealed, unexpected qualities, and let them reveal and manifest. Through my pieces several scales, their materiality and attention to detail, I create intimate and sensorial experiences. I believe that by looking closer not just with ones eyes, but with mind, soul and body united, a glimpse of the divine is unveiled.