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Jackie Becker (Fall 2013)
Jackie Becker (Fall 2013)
"The Water's Edge"

I work with fiber processes because they hold the ability to evoke and capture my vision of nature through the power of fabric manipulation. The purpose of my work is to allow the material to embody the feeling of drowning within the beautiful ambiance of nature.

I explore dying, piecing, and appliqué. Utilizing the grid, I create control through sketches, designing my own color through dye, and precise hand cutting for appliqué. My color pallet is important and references the nature that I use as a source of inspiration. I look particularly at landscape and water, finding the abstraction of nature intriguing, mysterious and beautiful. My pallet always begins with blue; it is the color that represents the poetic pause that nature possesses. Skewed or abstract images, geometric shapes and rigid line work are methods and images I use to combine with nature.