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Magritte Nankin (Fall 2013)
Magritte Nankin (Fall 2013)

I am an animal. Avoiding cars I am a survivalist: a romanticized cowboy. The cars as cows, my bicycle: my horse .The transportation of myself is a romantic narrative. I am a conglomerate, a herder, farmer, hunter, embodying frontiers in the broadest sense of the word. In transit, I think about the merging of land, animals, and humans …Finding nostalgia in the familiar landscapes and relationships of transportation, I contemplate how color, texture and form and silhouette define my preconceived notions of animal, machine, human, plant and material.

Working under the title Neo-Pastoral, I seek to make objects that exists in Urbanized pastoralism rooted in industrial culture. The Neo-Pastoral object exists Simultaneously in the past, present and future. My work is composed of functional objects in conversation with the undefined human and animal form that confronts categories of time, space and body. In My work I primarily use salvaged, stolen or harvested traffic safety objects. Neo-Pastoralism appropriates the aesthetics of the romantic American cowboy as a framework, emphasizing its trans-chronological scope and highlighting time and authenticity.