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Sarah K. Benning (Spring 2013)
Sarah K. Benning (Spring 2013)
Paper with cotton thread

Of the Body
I investigate the passage of time as it relates to the human body, translating the growth and deterioration of various bodily functions and internal systems into abstract compositions of accumulated marks on paper. I methodically build surfaces of pinpricks, stitches, and drawn line that represent anxieties about my own body in terms of surface imperfections and physical limitations.

Through these processes I push the limits of my own body, testing my endurance and focus. The patterns that emerge from these painstaking and repetitive techniques become material manifestations of time and visually suggest internal structures, chemical processes, and daily traumas that the body withstands. The repetition breaks down time, isolating each second as refuge from a lifetime of change and deterioration and the systematic drawing techniques celebrate the complex structures that operate the human body.