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Emily Chambers (Spring 2013)
Emily Chambers (Spring 2013)
"Variation #2 "
Ceramic Tiles

: Kayla Anderson
: Sarah K. Benning
: Chloe Brown
: Emily Chambers
: Alexandria Eregbu
: Èctor Maria Gracias
: Molly Hewitt
: Sarah Malorie
: Tim Mann
: Noël Antigone Quigley
: Emma Robbins
: Etta Sandry
: Rachel Snack
: Sarah Weber
: Mimi Wilson

Emily Chambers

The fundamental source material that I work with comes directly from my interest in quilts and quilt making. Quilts were always an integral part of my childhood and continue to direct my practice as I have learned to study them as historical objects as well as formal, minimal and abstract pieces of art.

As my interest in in quilts has developed, I have begun exploring specific patterns of illusion that may be translated into other materials. Involving the conversation from geometric quilt patterns to ceramic tiles to stretched fabric pieces has allowed experimentation with installation possibilities as these patterns may now take on new structural components that crawl from the floor to the walls. Working between planes in space further emphasizes the play between dimensionality and the illusion of shadow and light.