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Emma Robbins (Spring and Fall 2012, Spring 2013)
Emma Robbins (Spring and Fall 2012, Spring 2013)
"Reservation Royalty"
Display Case

My artwork is a translation of my own intimate familial and cultural history, staging the personal and re-presenting it to the public. By integrating installation, photography, and handmade objects I interrogate the display case as both a public and private forum to reconstruct our understanding of cultural identity and symbols.

Working with representations of First Peoples in popular culture, more particularly women, and traditional elements of my Navajo heritage, I create costumes and artifacts to fabricate a hybrid culture of my own, making viewers question the authenticity of what it is they are witnessing. Additionally, I use photography to record time-intensive and ephemeral pieces as a way to archive these transient objects and artifacts I have reassembled and constructed. This intervention allows for scenes and objects to collide in an encapsulated moment, living apart from our familiar encounters with typically constructed spaces, such as the department store, the museum display, or clothing catalogue.