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Etta Sandry (Spring 2013)
Etta Sandry (Spring 2013)
"Color Block Double Weave"
Cotton and wool, handwoven on Dobby floor loom

My work is focused on weaving, the technical challenges it provides, and the incorporation of text into this medium. In these woven pieces, text is used as a mode of communication, often monumentalizing ephemeral thought, sentiment, experience, and objects through the laborious process. At the same time, the text reflects on weaving as a process-based medium and on the formal aspects of the final woven object.

After completing these reflective laborious pieces, I often find myself wanting to make work that seems more “fun”. In response, I have been creating handmade and handwoven party decorations. These pieces are ways to continue to explore technical material challenges and concepts of communication, sentiment, and ephemerality in a more free-form and celebratory way. These pieces take party decoration objects (such as banners, streamers, and confetti) as source material and look at them as cultural symbols that may represent celebration, fun, companionship, inclusion, connection, as well as fear, discomfort, and exclusion. Objects that are intended to be used for just one night are re-made using intensive handcraft techniques. The decoration pieces both reflect on the emotions of parties past as well as create the potential for a future experience.