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Rachel Snack (Spring 2013)
Rachel Snack (Spring 2013)
" Banner-scape No. 3: Lake Superior, MN"
Hand dyed, hand woven cloth

I create objects of memory, provoking physical feelings connected to specific places of meaning. Moments of wishing that a place like that still existed, re-creating lost spaces, spaces of personal value, and collections of places. I’m intrigued by the way memory can act as a resistance strategy, saving you from what you’ve lost. I have memories of the physicality of moments in my life connected to tragedy: the way concrete felt against my face after I had first heard that my father died.

Land has become my identity; or lack thereof. The small tid-bits of memory that I have survive in sensual instants connected to places or objects. As a way to preserve these memories I have begun to collect landscapes. In my body of work ‘Explorations in Landscape’ I focus on the portable landscape, which I call the ‘banner-scape’. These banner-scapes serve as a moment captured, a memory trigger of structure and color. The material identity often starts in a painted watercolor that is then translated into cloth. The woven form that they take is an interpretive shape based on the landscape they are in conversation with. They can be placed in the space they were created to capture or be added into another landscape as a new memory. Superimposed, they become like my memories, specific and fragmented.