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Sarah Weber (Spring 2013)
Sarah Weber (Spring 2013)
"Fog In July"
Jacquard Woven Textile

This is a series of pinhole photographs transformed into Jacquard woven textiles.
The use of photograph as memory-object transcends media and time. This duality of labor intersects with how I regard memory as an unfixed and ever-evolving idea. A single image is twice produced through different media. First, using light sensitive paper a row of trees is exposed through a small hole in a tin can. After the negative is developed it becomes digitalized for the Jacquard loom. The number of structures in each weaving mimics the seconds the pinhole image was exposed. The way long-term memory is processed in human minds is similar to the process of pinhole image making, and that translation into a Jacquard textile. Repetition over prolonged moments of time creates a long-term memory. Through transforming photograph into weaving the memory is converted to object.