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Mimi Wilson (Spring 2013)
Mimi Wilson (Spring 2013)
"Things We Said...But Mostly You"

You are a reflection—an accumulation of your environment, the people, and the places that surround you. The work I create deals with environments and relationships by way of a photograph, a fiber sculpture or installation. I struggle with the complexities and density of the city and the sparseness of rural communities. My overwhelming anxiety I have with the future and with myself coincide with the relationships I have with my environment and myself. I obsess over the overwhelming sensation places can bring to consume you and how another can manipulate and transform your reality. The reality and fantasy we create for ourselves in order to cope with the dual experience of submission and omission. My environments are constantly changing and the ability to adapt intrigues me. There is a heavy emphasis on process—the manipulation and repetition of processes. I chose slow processes in my photography work such as the use of large-format camera and the wet collodion process and in my fiber work to make sense of my past and emotions. I strive to find an intimacy between the viewer and the artwork. I hope to achieve with my work an additional reality to the world we live in, a consuming environment where one can be taken to another realm of thought.

The infinite—the impossible nature of a relationship and the self-destructive, yet blissful wings it gives you. My work focuses on the wondrous downfall of a relationship. I strive for a more humorous approach to their sad nature and their inevitable fate. I glorify the self-depreciative nature that happens when a relationship is unbalanced and one-sided. I use slow processes such as hand embroidery to make the impermanent permanent. The beading is in juxtaposition to the tone of piece.