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Andrea Alonge (Fall 2012)
Andrea Alonge (Fall 2012)
"Waiting For The Next Disaster"
paper, cardboard, glitter, plastic

Post-911 and post-Hurricane Sandy, telephone booths saw a rise in their value due to the lack of access to mobile technology by the general population because of destroyed electrical grids and Internet servers. This piece imagines telephone booth limbo, a place where the telephone booths are waiting to be valued again through the next catastrophe.

My work explores technology and themes of communication as they relate to society. In particular, I am interested in mobile technology as a lens with which to examine interpersonal relationships and emotional connection, access to the production of social identity, economic disparity, and consumption. Through my use of materials such as soft fleece, glitter, bright colors, and buttons, I engage the tactile surface qualities of consumption and marketing while reflecting on the environmental and societal consequences of these practices.