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Heather Piper (Fall 2012)
Heather Piper (Fall 2012)
Fur, lace

Through an interdisciplinary practice my quest is to explore the subterranean landscape. My work takes the form of critical writings and analysis coupled with a meticulous method of object making and animation. Themes of fantasy and nightmare, horror and the unexpected are explored through material investigations. The relative nature of space and time are emphasized in the narratives I construct, with the goal of ushering the viewer into a realm not far removed from our own.

Everything is vibrating and everything is alive. I wish to encapsulate subtle kinetic movements in dramatic scenes, which mirror an interest in the human experience. My analytical investigations into socially deemed “deviant” subculture, fetishism, camp and kitsch provide the conceptual basis of my narrative driven art practice. Animation as a vessel allows me to explore the idea of virtual space. By “virtual space” I am making reference to the possibility of constructing the illusion of an alternative realm, where the viewer peers through a single opening into a seemingly expansive space. This presupposed space functions within its own logic and is not governed by socially constructed notions of identity, obliterating class, race and gender. My practice of performance object making is the first step out of this singular opening and into the space we share.

My goal is to dissolve the invisible borders that divide and segment societal collective experience. I aspire to unionize the interior and the exterior and shine a light on the hidden and the uncomfortable. It is through non-traditional narrative and material exploration guided by intuition that I journey to these ever-shifting destinations.