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Sarah Benning (Fall 2011)
Sarah Benning (Fall 2011)
"Of Someone Important "
Vellum, Cotton, Human Hair, Wood

My work is in a state of transition between two seemingly disparate areas of inquiry. One area concentrates on the intensely intimate human experience, expressed through repetitive process; and the other explores communication at large expressed through mapping and scientific research. Human interaction, both in terms of the individual and the entire population fascinates me. I am interested in the periods of conflict and the poetic moments of synchronicity that occur in every relationship and in the delicacy of these rare and fleeting experiences. These instances in my own life become the source material from which I generate formal two-dimensional and three-dimensional compositions, where the trials of human interaction are translated into the accumulation of marks. These marks, whether they are pinpricks, drawn lines, or folds of paper, become a physical representation of the time devoted to those original interactions and the making of the artwork. I aim to evoke the emotions of these complicated interactions involving love, loss and whatever happens next through these repetitive material processes that incrementally build the surface of the work. Simultaneously, the contemplative task of repeating each mark chips away at my own internal conflicts surrounding the people and interactions that the work is about.