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Dyne Lee (Fall 2011)
Dyne Lee (Fall 2011)
"The Blue Window"

In Zen Buddhism, being a self-reflective person is necessary to become enlightened and reaching nirvana. This idea of reflection is closely related to my general art practices. I am deeply interested exploring in the notion of self-analysis, since I often question my existential presence. The anxiety towards my presence in this world drives me to reflect myself and thus create art that will out last me, thereby extending my presence in the physical world.

My ultimate goal throughout these processes and works-created is to establish a connection between the external and internal worlds. The process of self -discovery eventually creates an internal dialogue that bridges the gap. It is my hope that my work invites the viewers to possibly find their stories within my works. Thus, my works become a bridge the audiences and myself and this connection in effect, affirms my existence.

My works demonstrate my identity in various ways, and through various media. Most of my works can be seen as personal since they are closely linked to my past experiences. Also, the majority of my works are labor intensive, which makes the process of creating work an act of meditation. As a result of this practice, I hope to affirm my existence and overcome anxiety.