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Emily Stokes Boksenbaum (Spring 2011)
Emily Stokes Boksenbaum (Spring 2011)

My work addresses social and political issues such as the perils of the food industry, alternative energy, and the benefits of community relationships.

I work with everyday materials such as dirt, recycled clothes, yarn, glass, and wood, along with makeshift technology and processes to create small machines and sculptural components to performances. I am interested in the challenge of working with mechanisms outside of my knowledge or skill base because I enjoy the freedom that comes with playing around in a field. This play allows me to work free of the pressure to become an expert. Therefore, I am interested in the idea of making through a process of tinkering and gathering bits of how-to knowledge from different sources available on the internet and in science kits.

My pieces are often interactive, and it is important that the development of my work be easily understandable. I will frequently expose how my pieces are put together or leave the wiring revealed to encourage the viewer to comprehend my passion for the process. By using amateurism as a vehicle, I am able to discuss social and political issues with my audience without claiming an undeserved authority.