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Susie O'Brien Kimball (Spring 2011)
Susie O'Brien Kimball (Spring 2011)
"Sunday Best"
Bronze cast of dress worn and removed by artist.

Dark humor is appealing because it releases us from the solemnity of the repellant, sad, or coarse nature of a situation. One is allowed to enjoy objectification and over-generalizations free from the weight of reality.

I create objects that attempt to translate this idea through imagery related to female social and sexual identity. By employing social tropes of femininity (e.g., dresses, flowers, colors), uncommon materials, and distinctive arrangements, dark but amusing narratives commenting on female identity develop. I want the viewer to be attracted by the aesthetic qualities of my work and its slightly sad, aggressive, or unsettling features. Using various sculptural processes and materials, I inject tension into familiar objects, creating a marriage of pleasure and unrest. The result is a simultaneous rejection and enjoyment of one’s gendered image within a darkly humorous framework.