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Danica Anastasia Olders (Spring 2011)
Danica Anastasia Olders (Spring 2011)
"Domine, quo vadis?"
Steel, chicken wire, cotton, fiber reactive dyes, scraps (leather, tarp, canvas, bark), silk/alpaca thread, bronze

My work resists the machine. I make things by hand as a way of examining the fastness and multiplicity of contemporary life. People move as a mass in a routine flow; they forget to pay attention to detail like a well-oiled machine. In beautifying these mundane, everyday, overlooked objects (like clothing, structures, domestic fibers), I reflect upon my own part in this machine. I find myself overwhelmed as I try to make deadlines and keep up in the fastness.

Using three-dimensional puzzles of images, motifs, icons, patterns, and materials, I investigate why the world is what it is and romanticize a simpler, more beautiful way of living. Taken as a whole or peeled off into layers, my work is aware that people can be viewed as a mass or individually.

I am interested in the secret lives of everyday things and everyday people. I wonder what hides beneath their outer layers, what sort of lives they may have, if they possess a terrible monster or lack purpose.

Can’t resist it wanting more
Wanting more to come to stand-
-ing still and something’s waiting
Something’s pushing
Something else is
Someone’s hand and
Something is still missing
Someplace else.